Consulting Service

Harness the faculty of Kaolel Real World Evidence Consultants.

Finding the right strategy and tactics for your study is critical and can be overwhelming and costly. Kaolel makes it easier and efficient by bringing a team of experienced professionals from academia and industry with unparalleled insights, to help you succeed with the right evidence and right outcome.  Studies can start sooner and less costly by engaging our consultants for the best outcome. 

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Here are a few ways you can drive your RWE plans, keeping it real with our consultants.

  • Data Collection and Management:
    • Identification and sourcing of appropriate real-world data (e.g., electronic health records, claims data, registries).
    • Data cleaning, processing, and integration to ensure it’s usable for research purposes.
  • Study Design and Methodology:
    • Design observational studies, retrospective cohort studies, case-control studies, and pragmatic trials using real-world data.
    • Propensity score matching, stratification, and other statistical techniques to address potential confounding in observational studies.
  • Data Analytics and Statistical Analysis:
    • Employ advanced statistical and data science techniques to derive meaningful insights from large datasets.
    • Predictive modeling, survival analysis, and other advanced techniques tailored to the unique nature of real-world data.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Support:
    • Navigate the regulatory landscape surrounding the use of RWE in drug approvals and other decision-making processes.

  • Evidence Synthesis:
    • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of RWE studies.
  • Market Access and Health Economics:
    • Health technology assessments using RWE.
    • Develop value dossiers, budget impact models, and cost-effectiveness analyses based on RWE to support pricing and reimbursement negotiations.
  • Communications and Publications:
    • Develop posters, abstracts, plain language summaries, manuscripts, white papers, and other publications to disseminate RWE findings.
    • Communicate RWE findings to different stakeholders, including payers, providers, and patients.
  • Technology and Software Solutions:
    • Implement data platforms and tools specifically tailored for RWE research.
    • Provide support for advanced analytical platforms, AI tools, and other cutting-edge technologies to better derive insights from real-world data.

Improving health outcomes with transformative real-world evidence