Medical Writing

Translating the scientific evidence that we have gathered for our clients to internal and external stakeholders is at the center of KAOLEL’s mission. We describe and communicate the story behind the data to your target audiences. As the importance of Real- World Evidence grows in the industry and healthcare ecosystem, the role of medical writing in communicating RWE insights has expanded significantly. Our team of medical writers ready to help you with health communication products including but not limited to:

kaolel medical writing
  • Manuscripts and Journal Articles:
    • This includes observational studies, retrospective analyses, patient-reported outcomes, and others. Such manuscripts are vital to disseminate RWE insights to the broader scientific community.
  • Value Dossiers:
    • When negotiating with payers and health technology assessment bodies, pharmaceutical companies present dossiers that communicate the value of their product. Medical writers compile these dossiers, integrating RWE that demonstrates real-world effectiveness, safety, and cost-benefit analyses.
  • Patient Communications:
    • As patient-centric care gains prominence, RWE-derived insights on patient experiences and outcomes become crucial. Patient education materials, brochures, or digital content based on this evidence can be impactful and priceless.  
  • White Papers and Reports:
    • White papers or reports for stakeholders, which might include analyses of real-world datasets, the impact of interventions in real-world settings, or health economic evaluations are tools for high impact scientific communication.
  • Presentation and Conference Materials:
    • Findings from real-world studies are often presented at medical conferences. Medical writers assist in creating clear and impactful slides, (graphic) posters, and other presentation materials.
  • Training Materials:
    • Medical affairs teams and sales representatives need to understand RWE related to their products. Medical writers develop training materials that distill complex real-world data into understandable and actionable insights.

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